Hmong Lesbian Connecting with Hmong Queers

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Hmong Lesbian Connecting with Hmong Queers

Message  Linda H le Ven 6 Nov - 20:07


My name is Linda Her. I am doing research and connecting with other Hmong gays and lesbians from anywhere in this world and I came upon this site.

I don't know how to write or speak French anymore... I only took a course in high school and that's a long time ago, but anyhow, I hope there are Hmong French here that can speak English and I can connect with about being Hmong and Gay. Smile

Just a little introduction about myself, I am 28 and live in America. I am an artist activist where I use art as a social changing tool. I study and embrace the art forms of writing, spoken word, emcee and filmmaking. I speak loudly and advocate for being Hmong and Queer and speak out for us Hmong Queer people over here in America.

I'd love to connect and talk about how life is over there in France for our Hmong Queers so if anybody who'd like to connect, you can email me at
or check me out on

Linda Her

Linda H

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